EUREKA system includes keeping electronic medical records in clinics and doctor’s offices. Currently available modules: Specialistic, Occupational medicine, Schedule, Settlement. The system has been developed for ergonomic use. All processes have been optimized to minimize the number of clicks needed to perform the action and at the same time workflow logic of medical facility has been preserved.


Web-based system

Ability to process data in i-cloud: most competing systems work in the model positions installed on local computers so far. EUREKA can be used as a local application on your own server, but also invest on a remote server in a colocation or hosting. As a result, the problem with the administration server is fully passed on to the hosting company where the level of such services is usually much higher and costs are much lower.


EUREKA is highly ergonomic system, developed with physicians in order to make it the most intuitive system, devoid of large quantities of bookmarks, switches etc.  


The administration panel is used not only to manage the system but by applying its cutting-edge IT technology allows you to create your own user screens (and / or modification of existing), and prints. 

Facilitate access

EUREKA system can also be controlled by voice. Many, especially older physicians have problems with mastering the keyboard. They therefore, when you install a microphone, speak the content that is to be stored in the database – the system will processes the audio and save it as text.

Distributed system

EUREKA allows for the collection and processing of medical data if the clinic has several locations, which requires frequent movement of doctors. The placement of sensitive medical data in a hosting or collocation, specialized company (eg . , 3s , etc. . ) Which improves their safety.


·         Significant acceleration of implementation time due to system simplicity·         Significant acceleration of record keeping time(ergonomic)·         The possibility to dictate entries to the records – facilitation for people who have not mastered the keyboard·         Independence of the medical facility from the software manufacturer- new forms and patterns of documents that can be prepared independently·         Low maintenance costs with a high security level through processing capabilities in the I-cloud


Appointments: e-prescriptions, set of medicines (around 160 000 items), base ICD-9, ICD-10, prints of appointments.

Examinations: issuing of examinations prints, anchoring and description of the tests provided by the patient.

Certificates: issuing of certificates and simple editor of own certificates designs.

Bills: issuing and prints of bills, issuing receipts at fiscal printer.

Patient archived data: old files electronically stored(scanned or such in Excel, PDF etc.).

Reports: Visits statistics.

Schedule: Assigning patients to doctors for specific time.

Billing Module: price of services broken down by private service / NHF /another insurer / cost accounting practitioners, contractors etc.

Patient registration system on the internet 

Registration24 system is designed for medical clinics taking in private or on NHF. It provides the form of access to Doctors required by the Act on information in healthcare. This allows for the liquidation of notebooks with booked patients.  The patient may self-register to the doctor online. After registration automatically receive confirmation of the appointment by SMS or email. The system can operate as basic website’s office or clinic – built CMS system enables independent editing of the website.  It may also be hyperlinked to an existing website www. The service is very well positioned – usually when you type the name of the clinic or doctor 's office appears in the forefront in Google (1-3 place). The ergonomics of the system allows for efficient use by the staff.


·         Own www website

·         Very good positioning on Google

·         Shift of work related to the booking patient’s appointment

·         Loyalty and patient satisfaction confirmed by questionnaire tests


·         Patient’s registration via internet : alone or be the registrar

·         Automatic reminder about the date of visit (email, SMS)

·         Mailing to all patients of selected groups

·         Graphic doctors receptions management online