TeleEdu 2.0

Web-based Teleedu2.0 tm LMS 2.0 system is e-learning platform designed to run e-learning courses. Supported training can include individual paths (dynamic training scenarios), based on tests abilities and preferences. They can include advanced tests for containing a wide range of question types open or closed.


This system is intuitive, easy to use and user

friendly and at the same time provides modern teaching tools, with automatic procedures supporting the acquisition of knowledge, as well as procedures for the control of its assimilation by users. The platform is mainly used to launch an e-learning training and managing the training process from the user’s registration until the end of his training. Access to the platform can be protected by any of the methods for controlling access to network applications eg. Using the SSL protocol.

It is also possible to combine training in the path of independent competence, in which the trainee must complete the required result of previous training on the path to gain access to further training. In this way a complex, multi-module training can be created, including both lectures and tests to be completed in the correct order, as well as support training modules, shown only to participants with the lower results. E-learning platform TeleEduTM LMS2.0 has a build-in roles.

Platform users are available in five basic roles:

– Anonymous – role assigned to a not logged in user

– Student – Default role assigned to each created account

–Teacher –the role of users controlling student’s progress

– Coordinator – the role of users adding and editing resources platform and registration forms

– The system administrator – the role of primary users, roles and rights management.

The platform provides tools to collect information about users actuating the resource in the form of registration forms. It is also the method of limiting access to resources. Featured are four modes of resource sharing platform TeleEduTM LMS2.0 to end users. These modes are:

– public automatic registration when registration form must be completed

– registration which requires confirmation when filling out the form is still required of additional acceptance from teacher or coordinator

– Public access without registration eg. Demonstration courses, where additional information about participants need not to be collected

– private access to selected participants by teacher or coordinator.

User interaction TeleEduTM LMS2.0 with e-learning course shared with its help is closely monitored. For each participant is automatically build a report with detailed information on its interaction with a specific e-course. The reporting module can be disabled on the level of the course. Furthermore the user may either send the same training report (with the appropriate commercially available e-rate) and the process can be automatically executed by the platform. Learning platform allows to view detailed results of the selected user and reporting results of all participants of the training (including sorting and exporting to multiple file formats).

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Awards and prizes


•Diploma of the Minister of Science and higher education during XXI Exchange inventions


•Medal at the INVENTO exhibition

•A special prize awarded by the Taiwan International Invention Award winners association during the INVENTO exhibition 2013


•Gold medal and trophy at the world exhibition of innovation, Research and New Technology Brussels EUREKA

•Diploma of the Minister of Science and Higher Education during the XVIII Stock exchange of inventions.