The web application “BETA – Database experts , technology, equipment ” collects and allows you to search information about experts , modern technologies , resources for apparatus and equipment laboratory scientific institution . Its aim is to facilitate contact with persons and entities interested in using the scientific potential of the entity, in particular:

  • Participants of scientific research, services and research from industry

·         Potential partners in research projects , development and other

  • National and foreign research institutions interested in cooperation and taking joint research

The application has mechanisms that allow for analysis of the degree of interest in companies limitations of the scientific areas and their use for their commercial needs. Noteworthy supporting the process of positioning the contents of the database.


  • Creation and update of their own profile by expert researchers unit.
  • Creating and updating the profile of an apparatus (a single device or a laboratory) by guardians of such devices or laboratories.
  • Creating and updating of technology offer by the authors of technologies including: editing, contributors, determining the legal status of technology, (patent, patent application)
  • Searching by names, keywords, fields of study and departments.
  • User prints
  • Contact with authors along with the record queries to database for subsequent monitoring of its fate.
  • Database management by authorized database administrators.
  • Managing users and their authorization
  • Mailing to selected users
  • Setting expert, technological and equipment status profiles.
  • Co-management technology
  • Detailed prints


  • Kielce University of Technology experts database
  • Silesian University of Technology experts database
  • Students inventions database
  • Base of specialist equipment of Medial University of Silesia