DocMaster 2.0

DocMaster 2.0 (DokMistrz 2.0) is a tool to support secretariats, offices and all workstations involved in the creation and circulation of documents primarily in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but also in scientific institutions and public administration offices.

The system facilitates and streamlines document management at their creation, registration, classification and automatic numbering stage, as well as storing, retrieving correspondence and transferring between workstations. The application supports creating documents and using external tools among others: MS Word, or MS Excel.

DocMaster 2.0 provides access to the full history of the document circulation, including their operations (eg. Adding a document to the system, edition, deletion) The tool makes possible to describe document as part of any system of classification among others: as more items or components in a binder.

DocMaster 2.0 system has been designed as a web application available twenty-four-hour via any web browser (Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari). Another advantage of the system is its versatility with a clear and intuitive user interface.

The documents classification module in the system DocMaster 2.0 is a flexible tool that allows to mark a document with any number of labels, assignments and contexts.

The system received following awards and honors:

  • 2013- Diploma of the Minister of Science and Education during twentieth Exchange of Inventions
  • 2012- Medal at the XV International Salon of inventions and Innovative technologies “Archimedes 2012”


DocMaster 2.0 enables registration of:

  • incoming correspondence – letters coming to the company from the outside,
  • outgoing correspondence – letters sent out,
  • internal correspondence – letters created in the company and remain on its territory,
  • any other documents needed in the company.

In addition, DocMaster 2.0 software allows you to generate a series of statements, eg :

  • Register incoming and outgoing correspondenc, registered documents, publicized and sent in a given period (with the possibility of search according to defined criteria)
  • documents submitted to the selected person
  • cases registered in a given period and overdue for the specific day (with the ability to preview the list of associated documents).·

Software deployment:

  • The Foundation for Polish Science
  • Poland -The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers
  • Polish Institute of International Affairs
  • Pomeranian Gas Company Sp . z o. o .·
  • Hospital District them. Dr. Józefa Rostka in Raciborz
  • City hall of City of Warsaw
  • also – implementation in SMEs – more than 200 licenses as part of the Voucher for Innovation